Murph The Piano (intro)

The Intro: In Which I Intro This Thing

This past Sunday, July 24th, was my buddy Murph’s birthday. (Murphday?)


Murph In The Soul Shop


Murph is, uh, a piano.

Also a good friend of mine.

Murph Having A Modelo

She’s a Helpinstill Roadmaster 64. She & I have had quite a few adventures all throughout this great land while on tour with Titus Andronicus, and I realized that it’s time to tell the whole story. No better way to launch this blog.


Titus Andronicus at Webster Hall

Titus Andronicus at Webster Hall 2/29/2016 photo by Nick Childers for the Village Voice


Also, in a tidy bit of self-aggrandizing coincidence, Sunday marked one year to the day that +@¬†began a now-legendary five-night stand at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium. Also known as The Sweatiest Week Of My Life, Good Goddamn.


Titus Andronicus live at Shea Stadium, July 2015

photo courtesy of Shea Stadium, taken by Luke Chiaruttini (at least I think I remember him standing over there with a camera on a homemade pole)


My man Julian Veronesi on bass knows how to rock this look. (At least, those slacks were white when the night started.) The rest of us look like we’re about to have a stroke. Props to Craig Finn over there in the Twins hat.

Those shows were recorded for posterity, and are being released by the fine folks at Merge Records as the live album S+@dium Rock : Five Nights at the Opera.


S+@dium Rock : Five Nights at the Opera


Murph came into my life as a direct result of this string of shows, the story of which I’ll tell in the next installment.

I’ll also be talking about pianos, the psychology of being a touring keyboard player, the history of the Helpinstill company and their innovative products, and the truth about lugging a 300 lb. friendly beast around the continental United States. Stay tuned.


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